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Susana Pinto

Oh la la!









Via Once Wed, este oh so very french…! real wedding celebrado na floresta dos avós da noiva (!!!).

Tudo foi feito pelos próprios, família e amigos: convites, decoração, chão de dança, and so on…


“We’ve been working in the forest for 9 month to make it nice, we bought tents and built a candyfloss shed and the dancefloor (with a star in the middle), I went every weeks to emmaüs (french charity store) to buy 65 chairs for the dinner and nice vintage dishes, people lent us the tables and my grand mother gave me white sheets and flowers to decorate it. The dress code for the guests was : dots and stripes and many of them followed it. Our guests slept in tents with us after dancing around a camp fire and it’s been a wonderful day and night. I imagined everything with the caterer, the designer for my dress and the taylor for my husband’s suit.”


Que bonito…!

Adoro os sapatos e o bolero de lantejoulas (tudo, aliás…!), mas o bouquet é simplesmente magnífico!